FAQ | After setting up my loudspeaker array, how do I apply the correct Ar-Q™ Array Equalization settings for my deployment?

Learn how to use the Ar-Q™ Array Equalization settings for optimal loudspeaker array setup.

Updated at August 28th, 2023


The user may apply Ar-Q™ Array Equalization filters by selecting “Optimize Array” via the Rear User Interface (RUI) located on the rear panel of the LA108/LA112 loudspeakers. Simply press and hold the Rear User Interface (RUI) rotating encoder on any loudspeaker in the array for approximately 3 seconds. The QSC AWARE™ technology will sense the location and the relative angle of each loudspeaker within the array via on-board IR sensors (located at the top and bottom of each loudspeaker’s grille), which will then apply the optimal Ar-Q™ Array Equalization for the physical deployment of your array.