FAQ | Does the K.2 Series only go 1dB louder than its predecessor?

Learn about the difference between the K Series and K.2 Series speakers in terms of maximum sound pressure level.

Updated at May 10th, 2023

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No. Back in 2009 when the legacy K Series was first introduced, there was no common industry practice for determining Maximum SPL of a self-powered loudspeaker therefore the Maximum SPL was originally calculated, in the same way that all non-powered loudspeakers are calculated. 

By comparison, the Maximum SPL for the new K.2 Series was actually measured in accordance with newer industry practices (on-axis at 1 meter, using dynamic pink noise). 

When we measured the legacy K Series using this newer industry practice, the comparative SPL (apples-for-apples) measured as follows:

  • K8 = 126 dB compared to K8.2 = 128 dB
  • K10 = 127 dB compared to K10.2 = 130 dB
  • K12 = 129 dB compared to K12.2 = 132 dB