FAQ | How many LA108/LA112 loudspeakers can I deploy on a pole over a subwoofer?

Learn how many LA108/LA112 loudspeakers you can safely place on a pole over a subwoofer.

Updated at December 6th, 2023

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Using QSC loudspeaker 26-inch or 36-inch poles (SP-26 or SP-36) with QSC LS118/KS118 subwoofers, up to three LA108, or two LA112 may be safely deployed.


When using other pole types and/or subwoofer models, always make sure to follow the manufacturers' recommendations for loudspeaker stand deployment in the respective product User Manual. 



To avoid toppling hazards:

  • Pole length: a longer (higher) pole makes the system more subject to toppling due to wind or being bumped.
  • Subwoofer weight: a lightweight subwoofer will make the system more susceptible to toppling.
  • Subwoofer footprint: a subwoofer with a small footprint will also make the system more prone to toppling.
  • Base surface: a level, solid floor under the subwoofer will reduce the potential for toppling. A soft, uneven surface such as a lawn will increase the potential.
  • Cable dress: power, network and signal cables should all be laid out so as not to present a tripping hazard that could pull the system over.