FAQ | Is the K.2 Series really more powerful than the legacy K models?

Learn about the differences between the legacy K Series and K.2 Series in terms of power and wattage output.

Updated at May 10th, 2023

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Yes. The K.2 Series utilizes a new amplifier system that offers nearly double the power to the LF driver than did legacy K Series, while utilizing a smaller, more appropriately sized amplifier for the HF driver. Legacy K Series amplifiers were measured on a test-bench to deliver up to 500W+500W into an optimal load, with Peaks of 1000W. 

In contrast, the new K.2 amplifier has been measured in-system to deliver 900W into the LF driver, with Peaks of 1800W. This smarter power distribution of 1800W+225W results in almost twice the power delivered to the LF driver compared to legacy K (1800W vs 1000W Peak). Additionally the greater LF power gives the K.2 Series considerably more headroom, and therefore lower distortion, resulting in improved clarity at high levels.