FAQ | What are the cross-over frequencies for the WL2082 (ILA) speaker?

Discover the optimal crossover frequencies for the WL2082 (ILA) speaker.

Updated at May 9th, 2023


The WL2082 (ILA) speaker, when used in TriAmp mode, has the following basic crossover frequencies:


  • HPF 70Hz Butterworth 24dB/oct
  • LPF 400Hz Linkwitz-Riley 12dB/oct
  • LPF 1.5kHz Linkwitz-Riley 12dB/oct --secondary to remove potential crossover in HF band


  • HPF 70Hz Butterworth 24dB/oct
  • LPF 1.5kHz Linkwitz-Riley 12dB/oct


HPF 1.5kHz 24dB/oct Linkwitz-Riley



Some QSC amplifiers and also the applicable speaker components in Q-SYS have a number of other filters and FIR, all applied with intrinsic correction. For best response from the speaker, one of these products is recommended.