FAQ | What kind of microphone should I use when I use the TouchMix Room Tuning Wizard? Can I use a vocal mic?

Get the best sound from your mix with the help of this guide which covers the best microphones to use when using the TouchMix Room Tuning Wizard and if a vocal mic works.

Updated at May 9th, 2023

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Many vocal microphones have a rise in their high-frequency response. For example, an SM58 has a frequency response that rises up to 5 dB between 2 kHz and 10 kHz. If these microphones are used the resulting room tuning will have a corresponding dip. A microphone with fairly flat frequency response will provide good results. 

There are a number of measurement microphones available at reasonable prices ($100 or less) and it isn't necessary to use a precision, calibrated microphone. 


The Talkback input of the mixer has phantom power to support condenser measurement microphones.