FAQ | Why do the LA108/LA112 feature only three adjustable vertical splay angles?

Find out why the LA108 and LA112 speaker systems come with only three adjustable vertical splay angles.

Updated at December 6th, 2023

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Typical applications for L Class loudspeakers were defined to include deployment of arrays containing up to six (6) loudspeakers. Extensive calculations and simulations of array sizes and venues likely to be encountered by users of L Class loudspeakers were done. These simulations showed that L Class arrays could be optimized for Reach (sound projection over distance), Smoothness (minimum effect on frequency response for any splay angle) and Coverage (ability to direct sound energy) using three splay angles only, corresponding to a short, medium and long-throw deployment. With this insight, an additional level of simplicity allowed us to apply our single operator QSC RapidDeploy™ rigging system (patent-pending) as well as to create carefully tailored Ar-Q™ Array Equalization for any possible deployment scenario.