How To | Use an EXTERNAL CROSSOVER with the K and KW Series Speakers.

Learn the basics of how to use an external crossover with the K and KW Series Speakers.

Updated at May 10th, 2023

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K and KW > EXT SUB > 100Hz High-Pass Filter > Filter is TOO HIGH > Using an External Cross Over

The High-Pass (HP) Filter on the  K and KW is set to 100 Hz.  This is intended to work with the KW181 / KLA181 subs.  The KW181 and KLA181 will equally have a Low-Pass (LP) filter set to the same frequency.  The combined filter settings create the crossover point.

Here is what is stated in the User Guide for the KW series.

DSP User Functions

Low-frequency EQ On the K and KW series, there are three low-frequency settings. From the factory, the switch is set to NORM. This means that the loudspeaker system is producing a normal low-frequency signal through the woofer. This is the standard setting for most applications.

When using one of the top boxes with a subwoofer, the switch should be moved to the EXT SUB position to engage the 100 Hz high-pass filter. It is also recommended that the 100 Hz high-pass filter be engaged when using the K and KW Series as a floor monitor to prevent excessive bass build-up on the stage.

Using an EXTERNAL CROSSOVER with the K and KW Series Speakers

If the built-in crossover point is too high and/or a third-party subs is used with the K or KW series speakers that have a lower LP filter point, the following would be recommended:

  • Make sure the subs being used have their own LP filter set at 100Hz.
  • If the subs do not have their own LP filter, or that the 100Hz setting is too high, then it is possible to use an external crossover or DSP processor for LF management. 
  • If using an external cross-over or DSP platform for LF management, set the K / KW speaker to the NORM setting.
  • Set the desired HP and LP filter settings in the external crossover / DSP platform.
  • Run the HF output to the K or KW speakers from the crossover / DSP platform outputs designated for High Frequencies.
  • Run the LF output to the Sub amp input from the crossover / DSP platform outputs designated for Low Frequencies.
  • Adjust the crossover frequency point until the desired HF/LF combination is found.  This may require again adjustments between the HF and LF speakers to properly balance the system.