Update | Impact to User Data when updating L Class loudspeaker firmware

Find out how upgrading the firmware on L Class loudspeakers can affect user data.

Updated at September 19th, 2023

Affected Products

Hardware Model/Series L Class - LA108, LA112 Active Line Array Loudspeakers


Previous: 1.1.0026 - NEW: 1.2.0048

L Class firmware 

Previous: 1.1.0033 - NEW: 1.1.0068

Important Information

This application note is to inform users that settings will be reset back to factory default during the loudspeaker firmware update process to version 1.1.0068.  

Prior to installing SysNav™ App version 1.2.0048 and performing the firmware update, it is highly recommended to create a backup of all crucial settings that have been previously applied to the array and/or loudspeakers.  These settings may include:

Array Settings

  • Sensitivity
  • High Pass Filter
  • Delay - Time/Distance
  • Array Shading - In/Out
  • Array Shading - Gain
  • System Level

Loudspeaker Settings

  • Name
  • LED Mode
  • Ar-Q Settings (if manually applied)

Dante flow assignments are not impacted by the firmware update.

Backup Process

Neither SysNav nor the loudspeaker’s Rear User Interface (RUI) have a way to store user presets currently.  The process for creating a backup of the settings is as follows:

  • Create a written log or document by way of screenshots and/or cellphone photos of all crucial user settings.  Once the settings have been documented, proceed with the loudspeaker firmware update using SysNav App or the L Class firmware updater.

Reapplying User Settings

Once updated, the loudspeakers will no longer be optimized as they once were.  Use the following steps to optimize the array and apply the user settings.

  • Optimize the array based on how the loudspeakers are discovered by the SysNav App or the loudspeaker’s own QSC AWARE technology. Array optimization can be achieved from the SysNav App or the loudspeaker’s Rear User Interface.  Please reference the User Manual for details on array optimization.
  • Using SysNav App version 1.2.0048, manually enter and apply the documented user settings by referencing the written log and/or screenshots previously created.


Do not optimize the array after manually adjusting the Ar-Q settings. Making any manual changes to the Ar-Q setting will cause SysNav to prompt for the array to be optimized.  This is to be expected since the manual settings will likely differ from how the array is discovered. The manual settings will be over written if the array is optimized.



Dante TX data may be missing when launching SysNav.  If so, close the SysNav App and relaunch.