FAQ | If I adjust any DSP settings on a K.2 loudspeakers (such as subwoofer high-pass filter, EQ or delay), is the Mix Out signal affected or just that loudspeaker?

Gain an understanding of how adjusting DSP settings on K.2 loudspeakers affects the Mix Out signal, and learn if the changes are applied only to that loudspeaker or the whole system.

Updated at May 10th, 2023

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The MIX OUT XLR output is a Line level analog mix of Inputs A, B, and C. The MIX OUT signal is Post Gain so any adjustments made to the gain of any of the three channels affects the output signal.  However, the MIX OUT is Pre-DSP, therefore does not contain any DSP processing.  All user adjustable signal processing (such as subwoofer high-pass filter, EQ or delay) are implemented only within that loudspeaker and do not affect the Mix Output.


Selecting Line/Mic or Line/HI-Z within the menu will change Input A or B’s analog sensitivity/impedance, and therefore does affect the MIX OUT.