How To | Deploy a KW181 Sub in Ease Focus.

Learn the most efficient way to install a KW181 Subwoofer in the Ease Focus software.

Updated at May 10th, 2023


The KW181 is not available for use in the free versions of AFMG Ease Focus 2 or 3. As a workaround, follow this procedure to add a KW181 sub to a Focus project:

  1. Add a KLA12 loudspeaker to the project.
  2. In the KLA12 object properties, set the Setup parameter to KLA12 to KLA181 (you can use either rear or front pullback).
  3. Change the Box Count to "1".

You will now have a single KLA181 as your speaker, which can be used in place of a KW181. The two models are essentially the same speaker, with the KLA181 offering support hardware from which to fly the speaker.