How To | Using TouchMix 30 with conferencing software in Windows

Learn how to use the TouchMix 30 audio mixer with popular conferencing software in Windows.

Updated at April 26th, 2023


TouchMix 30 can be used with conferencing software such as Skype and Teams.

Use the following steps to use TouchMix 30 with conferencing software in Windows:

  1. In your conferencing software, select the TouchMix 30 as the input. This setting is often independent of the default Windows sound settings.
  2. If desired for output, also select the TouchMix30 for your output device.
  3. For the input audio/microphone, you MUST use Input 1 on the mixer. Other inputs will not route to the conferencing software as most are not designed for multitrack use.


As conferencing software goes through constant updates and hardware qualifications, the TouchMix 30 may not operate with all programs or versions.