How To | Find out why there so many audio files after importing audio files in to a DAW.

Learn the basics of importing audio files into a DAW from a TouchMix and gain insight into why there are so many audio files relative to the number of tracks recorded.

Updated at May 10th, 2023


Application Guide >  TouchMix > DAW Utility > File Import  

In general, it is possible to have more than one audio file per track.  This is especially true if the user has started and stopped and then restarted the recording on the same track multiple times in the same session.

Each time a recording is started and stopped in the same session, the TouchMix will create a new file and under the same track but increment the region.


Create a session on the TouchMix mixer with Input 1 armed for recording.  Start recording for a duration of 2 minutes then press stop.  Without moving the playback head backwards on the timeline, start recording again for the same duration of time.  Repeat this a third time.

When exporting that track, one would see the following:

Track 1 - Region 1

Track 1 - Region 2

Track 1 - Region 3.


This would indicate that the recording was started and stopped three times within that session.

This is how the file count can exceed the track count.  There is only one track but three files.