How To | Use the TouchMix User Buttons to get to the FX Wizard.

Learn how to use TouchMix User Buttons to quickly access the FX Wizard.

Updated at May 10th, 2023


  1. Go to Menu
  2. Go to User Buttons
  3. Under Action Column Touch-Go to Screen
  4. Under Selection Column-Touch Other
  5. Under Detail Column Touch FX Wizard
  6. Assign User Button to any User Button 1-8
  7. Touch Assign Button
  8. Are you sure screen will pop up, Touch Assign to store in that User Button
  9. When you Touch the FX Wizard User Button you will be taken Directly to FX Wizard that shows FX 1-FX 6 to Quickly Assign the Correct Effect for your Instrument or Vocals

You can also do the above steps to get to the any Scenes, the FX Wizard, Gain Wizard, & Home Screens