Troubleshooting | K.2 Loudspeaker Does Not Reproduce Low Frequencies

Gain an understanding of the steps required to troubleshoot a K.2 Loudspeaker that does not reproduce low frequencies.

Updated at May 10th, 2023

Affected Products

Hardware Model/Series

K.2 Loudspeaker




Loudspeaker passes audio, but produces a low frequency output.

Solution | Workaround

Verify the following:

  • The loudspeaker is receiving a full range audio signal. If another loudspeaker is available, use it to check the audio signal. 
  • Reset the loudspeaker to factory default settings by navigating to Settings > Factory Reset on the Menu.

After verifying, is the problem still present?


The loudspeaker requires service. See the Service Policy.



You may have had the EQ engaged in the loudspeaker DSP.