Troubleshooting | TouchMix DAW Utility not installing/opening in MacOS

Learn how to resolve issues preventing TouchMix DAW Utility from installing or opening on MacOS.

Updated at March 1st, 2024


DAW Utility will not install and/or open due to security settings within the MacOS


The DAW Utility .dmg file may not be recognized by the MacOS as a valid installation. The OS can issue a warning stating that the .dmg file was downloaded from the internet and can potentially block the installation and/or operation of the DAW Utility.  

Solution | Workaround

The following procedure should be used to allow MacOS to install/run DAW Utility. This listed procedure assumed that the DAW Utility has just been downloaded and no other actions have been taken.


These installation steps are based on macOS 14.3.1. The procedure may differ slightly between macOS versions.


File Extraction

  1. Right-Click on the Touchmix_DAW_Utility_2.0.7-zip file once downloaded.
  2. Select Open With and then select Archive Utility.
  3. Locate and open the uncompressed Touchmix_DAW_Utility_2.0.7 folder. 
  4. Locate and open the sub-folder Touchmix_DAW_Utility_2.0.7 folder
  5. Locate and drag TouchMix DAW Utility.dmg to the desk top.


  1. Double-Click on TouchMix DAW Utility.dmg
  2. Click and drag the TouchMix DAW Utility Icon to the Applications Folder.
  3. Enter Admin Password to confirm. 
  4. Double Click on the TouchMix DAW Utility Icon to open.

Depending on your system security settings, the following error may appear:   “TouchMix DAW Utility” was blocked from use because it is not from an identified developer." If this occurs, use the steps below to resolve.

  1. Navigate to Privacy & Security Settings 
  2. Scroll Down to Security and locate the following warning: “TouchMix DAW Utility” was blocked from use because it is not from an identified developer."
  3. Click Open Anyway.
  4. Unlock the Privacy & Security Setting with Admin password to make changes: Click Modify Settings.
  5. Click Open when asked if you are sure you want to open it.
  6. The DAW Utility opens without further issue.