Troubleshooting | K.2 Loudspeaker Does Not Pass Audio

Find out how to diagnose and repair problems with the K.2 loudspeaker audio system.

Updated at May 10th, 2023


Unit indicates it has power and is turned on (LED lights on, LCD display on) but no audio passes. 

Solution | Workaround

Verify the following: 

  • The unit is turned on (Power LED and LCD display both come on). 
  • The presence of an input signal (Signal LED indicator flashes). Use another loudspeaker to verify the signal, if necessary. 
  • If unit does not turn on, refer to K.2 Loudspeaker Does Not Turn On document. 

After verifying power and input audio signals, does the problem remain?


Unit requires service. See Repair Policy



Troubleshoot further for a possible issue with the power cable or the outlet.