How To | Use a TouchMix User Button to get to any input Channel Directly. (i.e. “Get to the CEO’s Mic Immediately”).

Learn how to use TouchMix User Buttons to quickly access input channels, so you're able to get to the CEO's Mic with just the click of a button!

Updated at May 10th, 2023

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Table of Contents


  1. Name Channel CEO or anything you need to get to fast, (Lead Singer, Guitar, KB etc.)
  2. Go to Menu
  3. Go to User Buttons
  4. Under Action Column Touch-Select
  5. Under Selection Column-Touch Input Fader
  6. Under Detail Column Touch CEO
  7. Assign User Button to any User Button 1-8
  8. Touch Assign Button
  9. Are you sure screen will pop up, Touch Assign to store in that User Button
  10. When you Touch the CEO User Button You will be taken directly to that channel immediately to adjust the volume extremely fast