Troubleshooting | K.2 Loudspeaker Produces Distorted Sound

Learn how to resolve a distorted sound issue with a K.2 Loudspeaker.

Updated at May 10th, 2023

Affected Products

Hardware Model/Series

k.2 Series Loudspeaker




The loudspeaker passes audio, but after some time the sound becomes distorted.

Solution | Workaround

Verify the following:

  • The loudspeaker is driven by a clean, full-range audio signal. If another loudspeaker is available, use it to check the audio signal. 
  • Reset the suspect loudspeaker to factory default settings by navigating to Settings > Factory Reset. 

Does the problem still exist?


The loudspeaker requires service. See the Service Policy



You could have a defective audio source upstream from the loudspeaker. Check the entire audio path to the loudspeaker.