How To | Use iRig for TouchMix live streaming.

Learn how to connect and use iRig for TouchMix live streaming, giving you great quality audio for your performances.

Updated at May 10th, 2023


The iRig is a powerful tool for streaming audio from the TouchMix 8/16 into a computer or a cell phone. There are two connection types from the mixer:

Mono Feed

Through one mono output of the mixer to the line level input of the iRig with a female XLR to ¼ TS or through the Aux ¾ output on your TouchMix 8 to the iRig (¼ TS to ¼ TS).


Stereo Feed

Through either two linked auxes (XLR to RCA cable), through the stereo output of your TouchMix 16 into the iRig (TRS to RCA cable), or through the Aux ¾ of your TouchMix 8 to the iRig (¼ TRS to RCA cable).