How To | Format LaCie 500GB hard drive for use with TouchMix mixer.

Learn how to properly format your LaCie 500GB qualified hard drive for optimal use with your TouchMix mixer.

Updated at May 10th, 2023


While this drive is included on our qualified drives list for use with the TouchMix series, it requires a unique process for properly formatting it to FAT32. This particular drive comes with a format utility that is required to run when the drive is first connected to a computer system. This utility sets up and initializes the drive for use. The setup utility has an option to set the format as FAT32; however, this creates a partition on your drive and only allocates a small amount of space to the FAT32 portion. This requires the drive to be formatted a second time with a third party utility after running the initial setup utility. There are many free utilities available and you will find them with a simple web search.