How To | Removal and Installation of K.2 Amp Module for Service

Learn the necessary steps to remove and install a K.2 Amp Module for service.

Updated at May 10th, 2023


K.2 Amp Module Removal and Installation for Service

K8.2 / K10.2 / K12.2

The following are instructions to show how to properly remove the K.2 amp module from the speaker chassis for the purpose of submitting the amp module for service to QSC or a QSC Authorized Service Provider.


Please inform QSC of the intention of only submitting the amp module for service at the time the RMA is created or when contacting a QSC Authorized Service Provider when coordinating a drop-off.  Some services may require the full speaker assembly in order to properly diagnose and resolve an issue.  QSC or an Authorized Service Provider will not be able to fully test audio-related repair without the full speaker assembly.


Once the amp module has been received back from service, this document includes instructions for how to properly install that amp module back into the K.2 chassis.

1. Disconnect any power and audio cords from the rear of the speaker.
2. Place the speaker upright, preferably near the edge of a table.
3. Remove 2 machine screws that secure the rubber feet to the amplifier module. These screws must be removed to access other screws beneath the rubber feet. See Figure 5.1.1.
4. Remove 6 plastite screws that secure the amplifier module to the speaker cabinet. Only remove the screws noted in Figure 5.1.2. There are other screws on the faceplate of the amplifier module that do not need to be removed at this stage.

5. Using a flat head screwdriver or similar tool, gently pry the top-right corner tab of the amplifier module until it's loose from the speaker cabinet. See the Figure 5.1.3 for the best method for loosening the amplifier module.
6. Gently pull away the amplifier module from the cabinet and angle the module upwards for access to the wiring harness connector.


Forcefully pulling the amplifier module out of the cabinet could damage the wiring harness connector on the rear side. The wiring harness must be disconnected before removing the amplifier module. 


7. Disconnect the wiring harness from the rear of the amplifier module. Place pressure on the tab of the connector to fully disconnect the wiring harness.


To access the connector, route your hand from the bottom of the enclosure and up towards the far back corner of the amplifier module. Placing the speaker upright on the edge of a table will make it easier for your hand and arm to access the connector. See Figure 5.1.4 and Figure 5.1.5 as a visual aide. 


8. Fully remove the amplifier module from the enclosure.

1. Prepare to insert the amplifier module into the speaker cabinet.
2. With one hand holding the wiring harness and the other hand holding the amplifier module, place the module inside the cabinet and connect the wiring harness to the rear connector on the amplifier module.


This procedure is much easier to perform when the speaker is upright, near the edge of a table. Before connecting, verify that the locking tab on the wiring harness connector is oriented in the same position as the amplifier jack. They should both point down. 


3. Verify the connector is “locked” in place by gently pulling the wiring harness away from the jack and making sure it does not easily disconnect.
4. Gently insert the amplifier module completely into the cabinet.
5. Fasten 6 plastite screws that secure the amplifier module to the speaker cabinet. See Figure 5.1.2.
6. Fasten 2 machine screws, including the rubber feet, into the amplifier module. See Figure 5.1.1 7.

Amplifier module installation is now complete.