How To | Use CP12 Dance Contour (Output Preset) QSC.

Learn how to use the QSC CP12 Dance Contour Output Preset to improve sound quality in your audio environment.

Updated at May 10th, 2023


Dance Contour TouchMix Output Preset for the CP12 powered Loudspeakers for Aux and Main Outputs. 

This Contour Preset emulates the DANCE setting on the CP-12 powered loudspeaker. 

  1. Download the attached .dqx file to USB memory device. 
  2. To install, select desired Aux or Main Output. 
  3. Select the Presets Tab. 
  4. Select User toggle switch. 
  5. Select USB Preset file to save. 
  6. Press Copy to Mixer to save the file to the TouchMix. 
  7. When Preset is selected, press Recall then Yes to load Preset onto Aux or Main Output. 


This preset was included in TouchMix-30 with firmware v2.0 upate. Works on TouchMix-8/16 firmware v2.0 and higher.


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